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Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna

Interior Savings Credit Union

Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. First of all, I have to tell you that this is not a commercial advertisement. I just wanted to write this web page because of a cleaning service client who currently involved with cleaning master. He is very happy with our janitorial cleaning service and he is very close to our staff now. Few days ago, he had met our staff member and had informed about Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna. After that, I personally visited their website and found some important details about them. Here what I found on their website.


Who is Interior Savings Credit Union?

At Interior Savings, we’re not a stuffy financial institution based back east and full of nameless faces. But rather, we are a community based credit union, lead by your friends and neighbors.

Our member-owned branches serve communities from Osoyoos to Clearwater and 19 points in between. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide a complete range of innovative financial products and services. Contact us  today and make us your trusted financial partner.



As our cleaning service customer said, Interior Savings Credit Union is very helpful for their business. The company has a good customer service and financial team. And our customer asked me personally to write something on our blog about Interior Savings Credit Union. That is why I just published this blog post.

Interior Savings Credit Union

Customers like high quality services. That is why Kelowna people select Cleaning Master as their cleaning service provider. Customer never leave a company which provides a good service. So this example will show you that how Interior Savings Credit Union built their great customer base. This is common for any business.

Finally, my advice is to provide the best service for your customers. So your customers will never leave you alone. Like Cleaning Master, Interior Savings Credit Union clients do.


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