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kelowna cleaning services

How to find the best Kelowna cleaning service for your business? I know you might be very well hesitance to call a new service partner. That is why I am going to write this web page for your references. Let’s look at it smoothly.

As you know, a cleaning service is involved any company to keep the business place peacefully. Cleaning service is the service which makes your customers comfortable and happy. But nowadays, most of cleaning services look after money and do not provide a genuine service. Therefore, it is hard to find a good Kelowna cleaning service as we need.

Few months ago, a friend of mine call and informed that his friend is looking for a cleaning service from Kelowna. So my friend had given Cleaning Master contact number him. As he told us, he had hired lot of cleaning services before and every service had cheated him. He explained us about their poor service and highlighted them point by point,


The Great Mistakes Of Kelowna Cleaning Services

  1. Cleaning services don’t follow a correct time schedule. They are coming when they are free and disturb visitors and customer and also office staff members.
  2. They do not use new technology to clean. Using traditional methods and make some troubles in the working area.
  3. Their workers are careless and not responsible about other equipments. They work like Robots.
  4. Cleaning Service owner is strict in financial issues and it’s hard to contact him/her.
  5. Customer care service is poor. They do not provide 24/7 365 days support for clients.
  6. Don’t follow quality guidelines and customer rules. They work freely as they want.

Those are the main issues that he faced. So, I sent our Cleaning Master team to his place and started a new cleaning schedule for his business. Few days ago, He had sent an email to our general email address.

kelowna cleaning services


The Best Kelowna Cleaning Service Ever!

“Hello there, I just wanted to say thank you very much for your great service. Actually I am really happy with your team. Specially, it is really nice to see your company director visits the working place and she handles the cleaning team most of time. I was amazed when I see her in my place. She is really kind and friendly with our staff. So I like to say thanks a lot again. Go ahead with your quality service..”

Yes, You are in the right place to get your professional cleaning service provider. Just click here and contact us to get start.

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