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School Cleaning Service

Schools are heavily crowded environments where there school cleaning people in close contact with each other. Such crowded places like schools are breeding grounds for multiple bacteria and viruses. We know it is more painful for the parents seeing their children sick. Sickness of children may cause absenteeism and it will miss students’ valuable time of education. That’s why we proudly present you.




school cleaning services

It is not enough schools are only thoroughly cleaned by school cleaning services; also they should disinfect and sanitized the whole school environment. That’s why our Kelowna School Cleaning Service do school cleaning in three separate methods. They are;


We use soap and water to clean. When we clean a place or surface it only remove dirt and germs from that place or from that surface. But it does not destroy them. That’s why just cleaning is not plenty. So we need disinfection after the cleaning.



The process of disinfect is killing the germs, bacteria and viruses.  After cleaning a certain place or surface it should disinfected. During a time of heavy flu in a school this feature is very important. Not only during that times but also usually after cleaning a place or surface it must disinfected.



Sanitizing eliminate the germs, bacteria and viruses in to low levels. As a result of that risk of the infection becomes lowered.


Our Kelowna School Cleaning Service provide you 100% safe cleaning to schools with cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Also our cleaning service use Eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products. Cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizes we are using do not release any harmful gases to the atmosphere. So our cleaning service not only gives you total cleaning but also safeguarding the human lives and environment by using Eco-friendly cleaning products.


Call now Kelowna School Cleaning Service and have our service to make healthy learning environment to the students as well as to the people who being around there.


We gives you guaranteed school cleaning service to your schools. Charges are affordable for any schools. Please contact us now.


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