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A True Story About Cleaners in Kelowna


A True Story About Cleaners in Kelowna, BC

Hi I’m Catherine from Kelowna, BC. I have to reveal an important secret. Once I needed to clean my garden as well as my home very well. So do you think why I had not time to clean up? Yes, my daughter Mary was badly ill. So I had to spend my time with her all the day. Everything missed. Our clothes, her books are everywhere Me and my family had to used all our time to save her life. But when she recovered, my home and garden was like a hell.

Papers are all over my home. Broom is not used for a long time. A bad smell spread from everywhere. You cant even imagine about it. We all were depressed. I was sad for I never liked to clean the garden and home especially on busy days. We all were tired. So We needed a refresh and a good rest. All of us know that clean garden and house sweep up all dirty ideas from our minds. It gives fresh ideas, a feeling about healthy life.

My friend Alice gave me a phone number of a cleaning service provider. But I had no any interest about it. Because I had bad experience about it early. Sometimes ago I had to get assist from a cleaning service for my office. But they cheat us very badly with their service, even did not clean our tables very well. They wanted only money. We had spent our money uselessly.

A True Story About Cleaners

But my friend did not give up her idea. She herself called the company and immediately they visited us, surprising me with joy. Started their work like bees, immediately my garden and home became heaven, as I never expected. Brought me joy and a new life, sending away my bad feelings completely. I received not only very clean garden and home but also a recovery mind. I expected that they ask me a high price for their brillient service. But for my surprice they charged me a very law fees that not suit the service they had given to us. Thanks again to Cleaning Master team. Now I do not hesitate to introduce them as the best cleaning company in Kelowna.


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