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Commercial Cleaning Services Prices


Today I am going to talk about commercial cleaning services prices. Because, lot of people contacted me and asked about cleaning service prices. So I always give them a simple answer. “It depends on your business or place“. Why it depends?


Comparing Commercial Cleaning Services Prices

As you know, some industry needs quick cleaning services. They have a limited time for cleaning their place. As an example, some company only allocate 1 hour for everything. Cleaning service provider must finish their job within that one hour. So, cleaning service hires a huge team to finish their job quickly. So what happening is, cleaning service owner has to allocate more money for the quick service. Then definitely, the price will go up.

And also some business needs a high quality cleaning service which provides chemical cleaning and etc. So cleaner has to spend additional money for chemicals and equipments. The result is, you will have to pay more money for the service. If you are willing to pay small amount of money for a high quality cleaning service, I swear, you will NOT get it as you need.


Commercial Cleaning Services Prices From The Best Cleaner

Commercial Cleaning Services Prices

A picture of a highly finished VIP meeting room.

Actually, commercial cleaning services prices are changing time to time, business to business. So do not try to find a cheap service for your business. Always try to find the best service provider. Cleaning Master is the best and leading cleaning service provider in Kelowna, Canada. Our team has over 10 years experiences in cleaning. Don’t be hesitated to call our hot line. Our phone line is always available for your call. Commercial cleaning plans are not simple. Plan it with the best cleaning service provider in Kelowna.

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Kelowna Cleaning Service Professionals

kelowna cleaning services

How to find the best Kelowna cleaning service for your business? I know you might be very well hesitance to call a new service partner. That is why I am going to write this web page for your references. Let’s look at it smoothly.

As you know, a cleaning service is involved any company to keep the business place peacefully. Cleaning service is the service which makes your customers comfortable and happy. But nowadays, most of cleaning services look after money and do not provide a genuine service. Therefore, it is hard to find a good Kelowna cleaning service as we need.

Few months ago, a friend of mine call and informed that his friend is looking for a cleaning service from Kelowna. So my friend had given Cleaning Master contact number him. As he told us, he had hired lot of cleaning services before and every service had cheated him. He explained us about their poor service and highlighted them point by point,


The Great Mistakes Of Kelowna Cleaning Services

  1. Cleaning services don’t follow a correct time schedule. They are coming when they are free and disturb visitors and customer and also office staff members.
  2. They do not use new technology to clean. Using traditional methods and make some troubles in the working area.
  3. Their workers are careless and not responsible about other equipments. They work like Robots.
  4. Cleaning Service owner is strict in financial issues and it’s hard to contact him/her.
  5. Customer care service is poor. They do not provide 24/7 365 days support for clients.
  6. Don’t follow quality guidelines and customer rules. They work freely as they want.

Those are the main issues that he faced. So, I sent our Cleaning Master team to his place and started a new cleaning schedule for his business. Few days ago, He had sent an email to our general email address.

kelowna cleaning services


The Best Kelowna Cleaning Service Ever!

“Hello there, I just wanted to say thank you very much for your great service. Actually I am really happy with your team. Specially, it is really nice to see your company director visits the working place and she handles the cleaning team most of time. I was amazed when I see her in my place. She is really kind and friendly with our staff. So I like to say thanks a lot again. Go ahead with your quality service..”

Yes, You are in the right place to get your professional cleaning service provider. Just click here and contact us to get start.

Cleaning Services in Kelowna

Cleaning Services

Looking for a great cleaning service in Kelowna? Yes you are in right place. We are a qualified team of  cleaning and rapidly growing our network in Canada. If you are looking for a trusted cleaning partner, Yes! it is time to call us now.

In the cleaning service industry, you can find different kind of service providers including cheaters. As some of our customers’ previous experiences, they have found lot of service providers who is worst. They lost their money for nothing. And now what they say is, They are well secured with Cleaning Master.


How To Compare Cleaning Services?

  1. Just make a phone call them and request for details.
  2. Do not let him/her wash your brain. Beautiful voices are not beautiful when they realize their job. Be very careful.
  3. Get details about their previous customers and existing customers. Don’t be silly to ask this. Because it is necessary to know their background well.
  4. Get details about their cleaning technology. Bad cleaning technologies may send your valuable place to the hell. So, get total idea about their servicing methods.
  5. And finally, get their charges. Be very careful about cheap prices. Cheap price means they will cut some of their overheads. So it may cause to the service quality directly.

Do this with more than 10 cleaning service providers and next select your partner. Go to Google, Yahoo, Bing search engines and search for “Cleaning Services In Kelowna”. You can take huge amount of contacts. But keep in mind that everyone can advertise on web. The thing is those everyone is not providing a quality service always. Just make a phone call and judge them.

Cleaning Services


Why Cleaning Master Is The Best For Kelowna?

  1. Cleaning Master is owned to Rodica Grecu who is most popular cleaning service company owner in Kelowna.
  2. The company is well established in Canada since 2003. And some staff members has over 40 years experience in cleaning.
  3. Most of staff members have been worked as cleaning service providers in Europe countries.
  4. Cleaning Master has a huge customer network around Kelowna and everyone in that network is very happy with us.
  5. We are not going after money. We are going after QUALITY !!!


Click here and contact us today to get more details.

Garden Cleaning Service

Hey!!! Do you like to have clean and tidy garden?

Maintaining a clean and tidy garden may add extra beauty and attraction to your house and it help you to be healthy with the freshened air of it. When you have a real clean and tidy it may up build your mentality by being with your beautiful home garden.

Garden Cleaning   Garden Cleaning

We know with your busy life style you couldn’t catch a time to clean your garden.

That’s why we are giving you easy way to clean your garden.

So are you looking for a garden cleaning service with affordable charges?  Have the service of our garden cleaning service.


Here is what our garden cleaning service do!

  •   Daily sweeping garden area
  • Garden Cleaning  Daily cleaning for the drainage system
  •   Disposal of litter
  •   Periodic weeding
  •   Shrub pruning twice a month
  •   Lawn care with trimming
  •   Moss removal
  •   Snow removal
  •   Gutter cleaning
  •   Fence work
  •   Cleaning irrigation systems
  •   New sod


We offer you guaranteed great customer Garden Cleaning service according to your favor.

Also we offer you one time service, day by day/ week by week or month by month.

Our charges are affordable and we are giving attractive discounts for daily customers.

Why People Worry About Cleaning?

why people worry about cleaning

Worry about cleaning? This is the first question I asked from my heart when I start a cleaning service business. People worry about cleaning. Yes they always think about a peaceful place which has cleaned well. But do they have it?

Of course not. In commercial sector, business owner hires cleaning service providers to clean their places frequently. So the owner gives responsibility to cleaning team to keep the business environment cleaned. He pays money to run the cleaning cycle. But sadly, cleaning service provider decrease the quality of their service. The owner has nothing to do with this and he just let the cleaners to do their job as they need.

why people worry about cleaning

Why the owner cannot change his cleaning service provider? Because, The owner and cleaning service provider is in a service period for 1 year or 2 year. So owner is unable to switch to another provider until current cleaning service provider stop their service period. This is really sad.

Do Not Worry About Cleaning

So I decided to add a new feature for cleaning master customers. They can go with monthly basis system or daily basis system. We don’t sign any contract and we let customer to decide which cleaning service provider is better. So our customers are happy and always ask us to do their job. This is the secret of our cleaning business. Please visit this page and see what our customers tell about us.

A True Story About Cleaners in Kelowna


A True Story About Cleaners in Kelowna, BC

Hi I’m Catherine from Kelowna, BC. I have to reveal an important secret. Once I needed to clean my garden as well as my home very well. So do you think why I had not time to clean up? Yes, my daughter Mary was badly ill. So I had to spend my time with her all the day. Everything missed. Our clothes, her books are everywhere Me and my family had to used all our time to save her life. But when she recovered, my home and garden was like a hell.

Papers are all over my home. Broom is not used for a long time. A bad smell spread from everywhere. You cant even imagine about it. We all were depressed. I was sad for I never liked to clean the garden and home especially on busy days. We all were tired. So We needed a refresh and a good rest. All of us know that clean garden and house sweep up all dirty ideas from our minds. It gives fresh ideas, a feeling about healthy life.

My friend Alice gave me a phone number of a cleaning service provider. But I had no any interest about it. Because I had bad experience about it early. Sometimes ago I had to get assist from a cleaning service for my office. But they cheat us very badly with their service, even did not clean our tables very well. They wanted only money. We had spent our money uselessly.

A True Story About Cleaners

But my friend did not give up her idea. She herself called the company and immediately they visited us, surprising me with joy. Started their work like bees, immediately my garden and home became heaven, as I never expected. Brought me joy and a new life, sending away my bad feelings completely. I received not only very clean garden and home but also a recovery mind. I expected that they ask me a high price for their brillient service. But for my surprice they charged me a very law fees that not suit the service they had given to us. Thanks again to Cleaning Master team. Now I do not hesitate to introduce them as the best cleaning company in Kelowna.


School Cleaning Service

Schools are heavily crowded environments where there school cleaning people in close contact with each other. Such crowded places like schools are breeding grounds for multiple bacteria and viruses. We know it is more painful for the parents seeing their children sick. Sickness of children may cause absenteeism and it will miss students’ valuable time of education. That’s why we proudly present you.




school cleaning services

It is not enough schools are only thoroughly cleaned by school cleaning services; also they should disinfect and sanitized the whole school environment. That’s why our Kelowna School Cleaning Service do school cleaning in three separate methods. They are;


We use soap and water to clean. When we clean a place or surface it only remove dirt and germs from that place or from that surface. But it does not destroy them. That’s why just cleaning is not plenty. So we need disinfection after the cleaning.



The process of disinfect is killing the germs, bacteria and viruses.  After cleaning a certain place or surface it should disinfected. During a time of heavy flu in a school this feature is very important. Not only during that times but also usually after cleaning a place or surface it must disinfected.



Sanitizing eliminate the germs, bacteria and viruses in to low levels. As a result of that risk of the infection becomes lowered.


Our Kelowna School Cleaning Service provide you 100% safe cleaning to schools with cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Also our cleaning service use Eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products. Cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizes we are using do not release any harmful gases to the atmosphere. So our cleaning service not only gives you total cleaning but also safeguarding the human lives and environment by using Eco-friendly cleaning products.


Call now Kelowna School Cleaning Service and have our service to make healthy learning environment to the students as well as to the people who being around there.


We gives you guaranteed school cleaning service to your schools. Charges are affordable for any schools. Please contact us now.


Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna

Interior Savings Credit Union

Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. First of all, I have to tell you that this is not a commercial advertisement. I just wanted to write this web page because of a cleaning service client who currently involved with cleaning master. He is very happy with our janitorial cleaning service and he is very close to our staff now. Few days ago, he had met our staff member and had informed about Interior Savings Credit Union in Kelowna. After that, I personally visited their website and found some important details about them. Here what I found on their website.


Who is Interior Savings Credit Union?

At Interior Savings, we’re not a stuffy financial institution based back east and full of nameless faces. But rather, we are a community based credit union, lead by your friends and neighbors.

Our member-owned branches serve communities from Osoyoos to Clearwater and 19 points in between. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide a complete range of innovative financial products and services. Contact us  today and make us your trusted financial partner.



As our cleaning service customer said, Interior Savings Credit Union is very helpful for their business. The company has a good customer service and financial team. And our customer asked me personally to write something on our blog about Interior Savings Credit Union. That is why I just published this blog post.

Interior Savings Credit Union

Customers like high quality services. That is why Kelowna people select Cleaning Master as their cleaning service provider. Customer never leave a company which provides a good service. So this example will show you that how Interior Savings Credit Union built their great customer base. This is common for any business.

Finally, my advice is to provide the best service for your customers. So your customers will never leave you alone. Like Cleaning Master, Interior Savings Credit Union clients do.


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