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Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning Services for your business.

A clean, well-kept office helps employees to stay motivated and content. Treat your employees and your business to a spotless interior with comprehensive office cleaning services from Rody & Steve office cleaning service and building cleaning service. No matter the size or layout of your company, we can get your office looking its best without disrupting your schedule.

Whether you need cleaning, our team of reliable efficient cleaners will make your building,
office or furniture. Also, we provide a wide variety of related services.

In our  office and building cleaning  daily duties  are includes the cleaning industry standards, like : vacuuming, sweeping, clean the desks, detailed for restrooms, kitchen area and other light duty or heavy duty for offices. Providing your cleaning  staff with a clean work space can be crucial to job satisfaction. You can be confident that our  professional office cleaning service and our cleaners team understand  the need for desecration and are capable of working independently without the need of express supervision.


Fit Your Office Cleaning  Schedule

Just we  can offers a variety of , Office building cleaning  service  programs and quality  that meets your standards is always our focus; we look forward to devising a  cleaning schedule that works around your business  hours. Whether you need the office  cleaning  routine weekly , for everything to be clean & clear  , or an immediate need for carpet to be cleaned we have a team to meet your immediate needs.


Seven  Cleaning Days A Week

This Office  cleaning service  package for is ideal for larger offices that require frequent cleans due to heavy traffic flow of clients, and exposure to the elements, this office  cleaning service package will keep your office space in showroom condition, have your  clients walk into your office knowing that they are dealing with true professionals.


Five Days A Week

This is a practical option for any business  who have office that needs daily  to clean but is only open 5 days a week, keep your  office space looking and smelling like new, It’s really more affordable than you think Give or office cleaning service and building cleaning service a call right now!


Two Cleaning Times A Week

This option is a money saving option for offices that my not need daily, but who may want something more frequent than weekly office cleaning in order to maintain the fresh detailed look .


Weekly/ Bi-weekly Office Cleaning

This schedule is ideal for smaller business’s building office  and companies where heavy traffic, exposure to the elements, dust and debris is an issue. We have  the ideal solution for a smaller budget. There’s no better company in Kelowna   than  our business.
In business, making a good impression is vitally important. And an office that has clients visiting on a regular basis has to be clean and presentable at all times. That’s why commercial establishments choose companies that they can trust to keep their workplace looking immaculate.

One company that does jobs in Kelowna has a reputation that is unequaled in the cleaning  business. That  is called Rody & Steve building cleaning service and office cleaning service ,and it offers in Kelowna at a cost that any business – regardless of its size – can afford. In fact, our Janitorial building  cleaning office service can tailor its program to suit small-, medium-, and large-sized companies. Anything from the smallest office to the largest  building and corporate headquarters is no problem for this dynamic cleaning  company. They can handle educational institutions with no problem as well.


Seasoning  Office Cleaning Tips

During the dry summer and fall months, a lot of grass, dust and leaves get tracked into the  building and office,which is why we always recommend a thorough clean up , carpet steam-cleaning and/or strip & waxing of your hard surface floors. It’s a great time to treat damages areas and  get your floors  looking brand new again.

Give your windows a little TLC so you will be able to see  after the cleaning is done the beautiful fall leaves and white snow. Washing the outer windows is a big task that you may want to hire a trained professional to do.

Winter can feel claustrophobic at times, so we recommend organizing your desk space or office. Rody has a team that specializes in detailed cleaning of all types of facilities. We can go in and give you the deep thorough clean you need to have your office looking in tip top shape for the holiday season.

Make sure your furnace filter is changed monthly to improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Having your air ducts clean will further reduce airborne pathogens, allergens and dust. Dusting the light fixtures can brighten the indoor environment.

Rody & Steve  cleaning service for building and office can help you with all of these things! Just contact our professionals cleaners   and we will get your office looking great for the upcoming months!


We’re professional cleaners! You are just a phone call away from better office cleaning service!

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