Janitorial services for Restaurants

Restaurants Cleaning, Janitorial services for Restaurants and other local, tourist hotels.

Restaurant Cleaning, affordable prices in Kelowna

We clean your restaurant with our best technology, dedicated for restaurant cleaning process. Let us keep your bar, rooms, washrooms and kitchen clean. We will specially look after your swimming pools and garden when when we carry our cleaning services.

Janitorial services for Restaurants

The best janitorial treatment in cleaning

Cleaning Master always care your property like our own home. Our cleaners will carry the best cleaning treatment for your place. Just contact us today and compare your free quotation with others. Our professional cleaners in Kelowna will bring you the best price with an amazing time plan. Yes, winter or summer, day or night, we always work hard to provide the best customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Restaurants Cleaning
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(+1) 250-575-0752
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